Eco World S.A. Eco World S.A.

Our "career" in Greek tourism began in 1964, focusing mainly on the tourist activity
of Crete, where we are based.
15 years later we founded our company KAPPA VITA SA – Travel Services in Greece.
As a travel agent, we specialized in Greek Incoming Tourism, offering services to
individual travelers, as well as groups with various interests, visiting the island of Crete.

In 1985 our activities expand to cover the entire country. We are no longer an Incoming
Agency, but a Tour Operator, offering complete packages for Greece as a whole.

We are proud of the fact that our travel business was the first to receive the
ISO 9001 certification for services and management.

In 1995 we grow again and create a new subsidiary company
ECOWORLD SA – Greekferries Club.

At the time KAPPA VITA - Kavi Club SA cooperated with more than 400 European
Flight and Coach Tour Operators offering our packages for Greece.
Greekferries Club opened an entire new page for us in the Greek ferry business.
We had the honor of representing SUPERFAST FERRIES as their GSA for 15 years,
from their foundation in 1994 until 2008.
Today, Greekferries Club SA, is one of the leading Greek companies specializing
in travel by ferry on the Italy-Greece routes as well as the Greek islands.

For 4 consecutive years 2008-2011, Minoan Lines have awarded us their
"Top Sales Associate for individual passenger and vehicle ticket sales on the
company’s international Lines"