Eco World S.A. Eco World S.A.

Eco World, The Company Today
Our team comprises of approx 30 employees,
each of which specialize in their field of work and
offer their services to the company.

Our company’s services to our partners and clients are supported in 7 different
languages, all at mother tongue level.

With 55 years of personal experience in the travel business in Greece
and over 45 years of existence as a travel and leisure business,
we believe, we hope that you have found in us...
"your partner in Greece"!

Our experience has proven that success is strongly attached
to productive thought, good public relations,
participation in the evolution and advances of technology,
a pleasant working environment as well as direct
and professional services to the client.

The greatest reward is a happy customer.
Taking into consideration how valuable your time is,
we try to offer the best service.